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Welcome to FreestyleNunchaku.blogspot!

One day this will be the ultimate website for nunchaku freestylers.

But that day is still many, many, days away.

For now...
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I'll keep you updated as this site develops!


My name is Kriztov. I'm one of the admin at freestyleforum.
I started this blog to collect and organise the videos our members are making for each other.

I'm trying to make it as easy as possible for anyone with a passion for nunchaku to go from complete beginner to freestyle master.

There's only a small group of freestylers at the cutting edge, pushing back the boundries - but the next wave will learn from what we've achieved already and help take freestyle nunchaku to the next level.

Go to the forum.
Sign up.
Get involved.
Have fun.
See you there.


Anonymous said...

hey K - when you get time are you going to update the stringing videos??

its a shame sativa's videos on making chained chucks are no longer up.

Anonymous said...

sorry - that was from me m-mama just so you know. ;)

Sandro said...

Hey Kriztov, didn't you know that there is a lot of videos that doesn't work???